Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a composition for soprano, clarinet, cello and percussion in seven movements using poems I wrote based on the idea that children employ play and deception as a way to learn from the very beginning. For the most part these are innocent games and “tricks” that we love to take part in. As children get older these games get more serious as they explore their place in the family and the world around them.

(1) I see you

Eyes, wide
Smile, hand on mouth
We were
Now I hide my eyes
From you
It was so bright
In there
Our love
So intense, now
I have
To pretend
We are two

(2) Hide and Seek

Where am I?
Behind these mighty pillars?
Inside this cave of warm windows?
My eyes
Peek at parts
Of your face
My sweet breath
Resonates in the hollow
Of my hands
Here I am!

(3) Don’t Tell

Now you listen
What you saw
Must not be said out loud
If you understand
Just nod your head…
Good dolly
It wasn’t really bad
Just a little thing
I’m sure
It won’t matter
But just in case
Let’s you and I
Keep it
To ourselves

(4) Power

I will win!
If I pretend
I’m small and helpless
I don’t understand
I’m too tired
It’s too difficult
It’s not fair
So I can
Make you
Bend and sway
And let me
Get exactly
What I want

(5) Secrets

Remember what they told us?
Never, never, never
Well now it happened
But we can’t say it did
We can’t even think it did
It has to be forgotten
Like the bad dog down the street
That never came back
We’ll swear it
And now we’ll promise
Never, ever, never ever
To tell

(6) Lies

It was true!
It is true!
I saw it!
I saw it and it was there!
Right there!!
How can you
Not believe me?
How can you
Not trust me?
I wish you
Would all go
And leave me
With my lie

(7) Love Me

I hate you
I wish you would
Go far away
Don’t talk to me
Or even smile
Stop smiling!
I’m still angry
Why are you being kind
To me?
Do you still love me?